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Porta Power Rams

Various size configuration, Solid and Hollow Cylinders available

Hyd Torque Pump

Hyd Torque Pump and Hoses 10,000 PSI

Lifeguard 83 Master Switchboard

GE02 – 2009 Atlas Copco 30 kVA

Model: Atlas Copco QAS30

Three Phase and GPO plugs, Large 2 day fuel tank, Fully serviced

GE01 – 2011 Atlas Copco 20kVa Diesel Generator

Model: Atlas Copco DCA25ESK

Three Phase and GPO Plugs, 2 day fuel tank, Fully serviced

Service Trailer

454L Evac Waste Oil tank

4 x 227L New product tank

1 x 114L New Product tank

Air operated grease gun attached

180t 4 Leg Track Press

The larger of the 2 presses that we have, this press is capable of pressing pins up to 70mm or Komatsu PC2000 / Hitachi 1900, Komatsu D475 / Cat D11 dozer. This track press has also had all custom made push tools with safety in mind that actually hold the pin that is being pressed making it very safe and efficient eliminating down time.

100t Horse Shoe Style Track Press

Capable of up to a 60ton excavator or D8 size dozer. fully equipped with all custom machined push pins makes quick, efficient & safe repairs for all track link replacements.


Nut Runner- Air – 1 Inch Drive (25GX) RAD001 700 – 3400 NM 500 – 2500 Ft/lb

Hyd Torque Wrenches 3/4” – 1 1/2”

HYT001 Hydraulic Torque Wrench – 3/4 Inch Square Drive 220 – 1856 NM 162 – 1368 Ft/lb
HYT002 Hydraulic Torque Wrench – 1 Inch Square Drive 650 – 4379 NM 480 – 3230 Ft/lb
HYT003 Hydraulic Torque Wrench – 1 1/2 Inch Square Drive 770 – 6760 NM 560 – 4900 Ft/lb

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